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Our Ministries

This page highlights our teachers and their classes for Sunday School and for Children's Church.  Our teachers love their jobs and we are truly blessed as a church to have them.  We are also blessed to have as many kids as we do.  Jesus said "let the children come to me".  We understand that these kids will one day be our church leaders, so we take seriously what the Lord has given us.  

Children's Ministry

Chris Parsons is our Children's Minister.  On Sunday morning and Wednesday Night she meets with 10- 15 kids and they have a GREAT time. Currently they are learning the books of the Bible and life application for all stories learned.  At the end of each class children have a time of prayer and sharing.  Praying for those they know need it and sharing about their situations is life.  

Youth Group

Our youth group is for young people from ages 12-17

Youth Grou[_edited.jpg

pictures coming soon!

Adult Sunday School Class 
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